Dan Newso paints work combining figurative with abstract content in a glitch or implied collage style. This work is painted on compressed cement board to give the feeling of a painting on a concrete wall. He paints commissioned artwork and murals in varied styles to suit clients needs; he works internationally and he received Arts Council funding for an international development project working in Perth, Western Australia and Hong Kong.

Since 2008 he has been well known in Birmingham’s post-industrial creative quarter Digbeth, painting murals in public spaces. This work has largely been self funded and has been a process of getting to know the community to open up spaces to paint.

Graffiti workshops

Mural projects are tailored to your needs and can include workshops for developing content and participation in painting the final piece. I also provide one off graffiti workshop sessions in spray paint or pens. These can take place on a wall on your premises, temporary boards, canvases or baseball caps.

Commissioned murals

I paint commissioned artwork for private and commercial customers on all surfaces from bedrooms, garden walls, gyms, skateparks and restaurants up to recently working as part of team of artists painting large pieces on a cruise ship.

Advertising campaigns

Hand painted murals in high footfall areas work well to publicise film or product launches and advertising campaigns. I can provide locations in the right areas of Birmingham and I work with artists in other cities to widen the scope of your campaign.

unique marketing

I produce exciting marketing pieces for promoting your brand and themed displays for your events. I can accompany the work with professionally made videos of the work for your publicity. Recently I’ve painted vehicles, display stands and bespoke items for pop up beach events.

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