Graffiti art mural for Our Lady of Lourdes school

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary school commissioned a graffiti art mural based around a space theme and Tim Peake‘s mission to the ISS. I created a design based on examples of the children work created in workshops at the school. The colours were chosen by the school as their uniform is blue and yellow the text was picked by the children. I researched the ESA ISS and Peakes history trying to get the right badges relevant to Tim’s missions. I included a dog and monkey for Laika and Albert to include a reference to the animals used in some of the first test flights by Russian and American space agencies. The mural was painted in spray paint over a rendered and primed wall. It took two days to paint and each lunch and break time the children were able to see me painting and the progress so far. A themed graffiti art mural always works so well in school playgrounds, especially when worked into a larger project including idea generation workshops with the children.

commissioned graffiti art mural our lady of lourdes newso tim peake graffiti street art mural spray paint wall bricks astronaut dog monkey image laika spaceship

school commissioned graffiti art mural based on space travel