marketing campaign mural – The Body Shop – Enrich Not Exploit

Gent48 and I were asked to collaborate on a response to The Body Shop marketing campaign, Enrich Not Exploit. I researched Anita Roddick’s ethos and her aims when she started the company and I looked into where the company took its resources from. The Body Shop started by widely marketing natural ingredients as alternatives for mainstream products as well as being part of a movement for fair trade. Generally we are developing more understanding now that whole food plant based diets, less chemical products and sustainable lifestyles are better for the health of the planet and ourselves. Together the concept we worked on for this wall was of enrichment through knowledge and how the knowledge of ancient and indigenous communities can have a positive impact on the future of humanity. The Ayapo tribes womans’ face is split to show we’re looking into her knowledge or her past. The layer of an ancient Mayan statue with constellations fading out into the far distance, was to provide that idea of the past knowledge. And the young boy in front was to give an idea of the present day, the page was intentionally left blank.

forty8s-newso-gent48-graffiti-mural-the-body-shop-enrich-not-exploit-blotto-music-studios-floodgate-st-digbeth-birmingham- graffiti street art mural spray paint advertising campaign to promote international brand nationally

marketing campaign collaborative graffiti street art mural newso gent48